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Civil Engineer, PE - Site Development Focus

Posted: 10/23/2023

Civil Engineer, PE - Site Development Focus
Anchorage, AK
The Civil Engineer, PE in Site Development performs the planning and coordination of site development projects, including assessing feasibility, setting design specifications, and estimating costs. The engineer will also collaborate with diverse project teams, develop project designs, and prepare plans and specifications for construction. Other responsibilities include using design software to communicate designs accurately, coordinating with other disciplines, assisting during construction with inspections, and collaborating with clients and government agencies.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • Where applicable, directs and oversees junior or subordinate staff members regarding planning, design, estimating, and constructability. 
  • Monitors project progress and ensures design specifications, safety, and sanitation standards are met. 

Would you like to: 

  • Plans projects based on the analysis of relevant materials such as drawings, aerial photography, surveying, geotechnical analysis, and other data.
  • Develops and presents analysis and reports on topics related to projects  
  • Assesses feasibility of site development, such as code compliance, drainage, circulation, permitting, access, etc. 
  • Set design specifications and requirements in compliance with local and national codes.
  • Consults with and provides guidance to project stakeholders, staff, and management regarding engineering requirements 
  • Uses design software and drawing tools to render and communicate designs accurately
  • Estimates materials, equipment, and labor needed to determine project costs.
  • Assists during construction with inspections as needed. 
  • May be required to cross-train and help across projects in different areas.
  • Collaborates with clients, utility companies, government agencies, and/or the general public to identify project constraints and develop site design alternatives and concepts for vertical construction projects.  
  • Coordinates with diverse project teams, including planners, architects, engineers, and contractors, to develop project designs.
  • Prepares plans, specifications, and engineer’s estimates for construction of site improvements, including: 
    • Preparing site improvement studies, including drainage analysis and traffic impact analysis.
    • Design of site grading, drainage, curb and gutter, and stormwater runoff management
    • Design of parking lots, driveways, striping, and access points
    • Design of site utilities, including stormwater, water, and wastewater.
    • Design of site amenities, including dumpster pads, ramps, stairs, railings, hydrants, and other similar features.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned. 

Ideally you have:

  • Ability to direct work and delegate tasks to junior staff
  • Thorough understanding of civil engineering principles, practices, and tools.
  • Proficient in computer-assisted design (CAD) and other design, data recording, and analyzation software.
  • Understanding of materials, methods, and tools involved in construction
  • Understanding of safety regulations related to assigned projects. 
  • Ability to identify and solve complex problems.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. 
  • Ability to be both creative and analytical.
  • Extremely detail-oriented and accurate.

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering required
  • Licensure as professional engineer (PE) required. 

Physical Requirements:

  • Prolonged periods sitting at a desk and working on a computer.
  • Must be able to lift up to 15 pounds at times.  
  • Must be able to travel to various project sites.
  • Must be able to access and navigate job sites anconstruction areas.

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