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Alaska Chamber agrees that it’s time for Alaska to live within its means

Anchorage, Alaska — The Alaska Chamber applauds Governor Dunleavy for proposing a spending plan that matches current revenues. This action will surely prompt necessary and critical conversations that must occur across Alaska in order to achieve a durable and sustainable fiscal plan.

“For many years, the Chamber has advocated that state government reduce its spending to sustainable levels. The Chamber also supports a meaningful spending cap on operating budget expenditures. Achieving a durable and sustainable fiscal plan that includes a spending cap will strengthen our economy and help Alaskan families by reducing uncertainty and promoting private sector investment,” said Albert Fogle, Vice President for the Chamber. “We encourage the Alaska Legislature, local communities, organizations, and all Alaskans to get involved and work together to solve the fiscal challenges plaguing our state.”

The Chamber is guided by its mission to promote a healthy business environment in the state. Like many businesses, the Chamber believes that, to be successful state government must live within its means. That’s why for more than 20 years the Chamber has advocated for sustainable spending and reducing the operating budget to a level that Alaskans can afford.

Earlier this year, the Chamber released its 2019 State Priorities, which include support for a reduction of spending to sustainable levels and support for a meaningful cap on operating budget expenditures.

The Chamber Board of Directors is comprised of more than 60 business leaders from across the state, which represent more than 800 small and large businesses working to support the mission of promoting a healthy business environment in Alaska.

For further information about the Chamber’s 2019 State Priorities visit

About the Alaska Chamber
The Alaska Chamber is a non-profit founded in 1953 working to promote a positive business environment in Alaska. The Chamber is the voice of small and large business representing more than 800 businesses, manufacturers, and local chambers from across Alaska. Our member companies employ over 100,000 hard-working Alaskans. The Chamber supports and encourages a positive investment climate that provides certainty and stability for Alaska. View a list of our current priorities and positions at

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