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Alaska Chamber selects 2016 priorities

Fairbanks, AK – Members of the Alaska Chamber voted to adopt new policy positions, adding to its already robust advocacy during its Policy Forum in Fairbanks, Alaska. Held annually, the Policy Forum establishes positions for the upcoming year based on proposals submitted by members of the Chamber.

Four positions were added to the Chamber’s existing slate of over 50 positions. And the Chamber Board of Directors established five priority positions, two federal and three state.

The 2016 state priorities are:

Support reduction of spending to sustainable levels
The Alaska Chamber supports reductions to Unrestricted General Fund Spending to $4.5 billion or less by FY 2018.

Support comprehensive workers’ compensation reform
The Alaska Chamber supports enactment of systemic changes to the Alaska workers’ compensation insurance statutes to reduce the cost of insurance for employers while emphasizing effective treatment programs that promote injury recovery and the return to full employment of injured workers.

Oppose a natural gas reserves tax
The Alaska Chamber opposes punitive taxes aimed at any Alaska business, including a natural gas reserves tax. Punitive taxes will negatively affect Alaska's economic future, make Alaska less competitive, and sends a message to investors that Alaska is not open for business.

The 2016 federal priorities are:

Support oil and gas exploration and development in Alaska’s federal areas including; the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS),  National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (NPRA), Cook Inlet, and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)
The Alaska Chamber strongly supports oil and gas exploration and production in Alaska’s federal areas; including the Beaufort Sea,  Chukchi Sea, NPRA, Cook Inlet,  and the 10-02 area of ANWR. The Chamber encourages Congress to enact revenue sharing for Alaska and local communities. The Chamber also encourages the Alaska Congressional Delegation, the Alaska Legislature and Governor to support and strongly advocate for responsible development of these valuable resources, while the Chamber commits to actively support and participate in the education and advocacy efforts to open these areas.

Support Repeal or Mitigation of the 'Cadillac Tax' Provision of the Federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
The Alaska Chamber supports repeal of - or efforts to mitigate - the negative effects of the ‘Cadillac Tax’ provisions contained in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

A complete list of the 2016 priorities and positions will soon be available on the Chamber's website under “Advocacy.”


About the Alaska Chamber
The Alaska Chamber, a private, non-profit corporation, operating since 1952, works to promote a positive business environment in Alaska. The Alaska Chamber is the voice of small and large business across the state with a Board of Directors comprised of 80 members representing all regions of the state. For more information visit

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